Sunday, August 28, 2016

Wicked Wares - First Haunt gear for the 2016 year

Near the ass end of August, all the stores add Halloween to their exhaustive line up of christmas that has been out since June...and I love it!

While M and I have not been out on a full Halloween buying spree (we plan on going next weekend) I have been gearing up with some awesome deals already!

First great deal was from the Dollar Tree. We found plastic skeleton hand servers. I bought a pair of these from Target 3 years ago and spent 30 bucks on them. Of course they were metal, but these plastic ones are great too! WE got 4 more and they are awesome for dipping in, gripping and serving chips of any kind. Price $1.00 each.

Next up is an even more upgrades to the lighting system. I got 3 new Blue LED flood lights and 2 more green to replace some of the florescent I was forced to use last year.  5 pack bulk rate price $28.99 shipping and handling from EBAY!

I had planned on adding at least one more AtmosFX digital window to the house this year so I jumped at the chance to get a 7000 lumen hd LED projector for the job. $71.88 free shipping Ebay.

I found a great clearance deal for a king of cheesey prop. Found this 6' static Zombie girl on clearance at Party City for 25 bucks. This props is nothing more than a 6' metal pole with a christmas tree 4 leg stand and wire arms attached to a creepy head and hands with a moldy looking dress thrown over it. M can use chicken wire to build her out a bust and body and we can fill the arms out with pool noodles. Paint her up a bit more realistic and throw a tattered dress from good will on her and she is awesome! She is $100.77 with shipping and handling from Spirit and Halloween Express both. I paid $25 flat and I found a free shipping and handling coupon to boot!

The biggest purchase (thus far) is the Haunted Shovel from Spirit Halloween.

I was not planning on using it alone as that seems kind of cheesy...A haunted shovel....I am going to put it in the hand of this static prop thus making him ALIVE!

I will just replace his old antique (real) shovel with the haunted one! Of course I will have to move him closer to the front porch near the cemetery sign and coffins for maximum effect. I also got this at a pretty good deal. I had a 25% off coupon for any 1 animitronic prop and a had a free shipping voucher from last year in the mail. my price was $74.99 flat.

Anybody else getting in good deals or secret coupons they want to talk about?

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Google Street View at Halloween!

Gotta love having the Google car drive by your haunt in October! Check out the Google Map Street View of our house last October! My only regret it is in the day light

You can check it out for yourself via this link *HERE*. Use the arrows to head down  Wood Ave to see some of the towns best fall decorations to date!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Today is Black Cat Appreciation Day!

I always wanted a black cat. I am so glad Sam Hain chose us to live with.

Friday, July 15, 2016

The newest addition to Meade Manor : Meet Samhain

We found this pitiful little guy hiding by the church, living in drain pipes and crying his eyes out. He was small enough to still be nursing his mother and he was scared to death of us. Even though he would run away, every time he would see us, he would cry his heart out. M finally got with a local rescue group and set a live trap for him. After days of chasing him, she finally caught him within a few hours with a can of catfood as bait. At first, we were going to give them up to find a foster home for him, but M fell in love and now we have a new cat.

His name is Samhain, Sam for short ( I know it is not how it is pronounced but I like it!). I guess we will have to have M dress up as a witch this Halloween...

He is fast as lightning making it almost impossible to get a good picture.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

wicKED Wares seen at Michael's

July 12th and they are already stocking shelves of Halloween...but they still had twice as much Christmas out...

This was actual Halloween items, not fall decorations.  Pretty darn good stuff too.

Monday, June 20, 2016