Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween Eve! Time for Vexing Videos!

We are down to the wire! Our Halloween Forecast is calling for 70% chance of precipitation...and it may come in the form of snow. Let's hope the spirits of Halloween intervene and save it for us! M and I are headed to a local haunt to get a another review in tonight.

These are a collections of fun, fright, music, mirth, tricks and treats! Enjoy!

Love this song...really speaks to me about Autumn, Halloween, and nostalgia.

Funny and modern!

Short and scary!


Just stay indoors...much safer that way.

Smart Horror....somehow it just doesn't work right.

Great Halloween Prank!


Posted before, but it always gives me the creeps!

How can you get through Halloween without seeing the dancing pumpkin man!

Here is a new one that will force you to dry clean yer drawers.

Such a sad but wonderful tale...

LOL the guys running in the alley...

OMG that is extreme!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ye Olde Meade Manor Haunted Home Tour (part 3)

Before we start the haunted home tour, I have had several people asking about the party we just had and the food. I have guides out there to help those that are planning a big party this weekend. You can find the party guide here "13 Steps to Throwing a wicKED Halloween Party" and some of the recipes we use here "wicKED Recipes". Message me for specifics if need be.

Now, on to the tour!

Today we are looking at the beastly bathrooms in Meade Manor. When you have a Halloween party, one thing you can be assured of, you guest must visit the facilities at one time or another. These are controlled spots that you are guaranteed to have your guests "attention". We have three full baths, so we decorated each with a unique perspective in mind.

Upstairs Bathroom (Bone Bath)

This will be the least used bathroom. We did not decorate the upstairs bedrooms or the office much, but there is a spider staircase and enough lighting to make it look interesting to guest.

Spider staircase leading up!

Those that did venture up had a few tricks and treats waiting. Death is motion activated and he has a few choice words for guests that venture too near.Next year we will go all out and decorate the bedrooms, the office and the balcony deck!

 Plus we had about 20 people so it was nice to have an out of the way alternative.

The picture over the window is a haunted frame. It swings around wildly and laughs when motion is detected. The frame beside the window screams and has light up eyes when it hears loud noise. The lamp on the table works with a flicker bulb. It looks much more sinister at night. 

Fogger skull for atmosphere. 

A small collection of lenticular pictures.

Had a few comments about the witch face in the window. Stands out better in the dark.

Pretty creepy in the day too,

I got a dozen skeletal arms from the skeleton store online. They add a fun effect for just about anywhere. The small patchwork cat on the toilet is optional.

And of course Slim, my first bucky, is taking a shower for all eternity.

When guests leave, they still have to contend with spiders...a few of my guest discovered they were arachnophobic when leaving the bathroom.

Main Floor Bathroom (BooTique Bathroom)

Nothing is ever simple in Meade Manor at Halloween time. To get to the main floor bathroom, you must walk by the Zombie Family occupying the master bedroom.

All are motion triggered to complain about your unwanted visit.

The bathroom itself is guarded by a skeletal wraith and 2 haunted frames that beg for help and other sinister sayings.

The boo rug is covered in sequins and glitter after the party...Pretty sure a fairy was brutally murdered in here at some point.

Nothing like Jason staring at you through a steamy window and of course, more haunted frames with lenticular pictures.

Some of M's Beauty products.

Closer look.

I warned everybody that the main floor bathroom "smelled like death in there".

This is the view from the "seated" position.

The Basement Bathroom (Blood Bath)

During the party, the lighting down these steps was all blacklights. Guest could enjoy the lenticular prints and other warning posters on the way down to the Blacklight ballroom, pool room, and bar.

At the bottom of the steps, guests had to contend with my 7 foot tall Jeepers Creepers prop. One guest commented "It's a good thing I am headed to the bathroom anyhow!"

Long time followers will recognize many parts of the "Bloody Basement Bathroom" Complete with the "Grim Peeper!"

A gas mask for both creep factor and for use in bad burrito accidents.

My RedRum sign..Looks great on a wall, but...

Looks better in the mirror. Great photo op for guests.

One of my favorite props. People always have to check to see if he is "real".

Hope you enjoyed our little toilet tour of Mead Manor. Looks like we may be getting snow again this Halloween. I just hope it is not rain. I have had it with wet Halloweens. Now I am off to work on the yard haunt...HALLOWEEN IS COMING! 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Must see Halloween Movies in The Wicked Woods!

Here is a list of my all time favorite movies to watch around Halloween time! Chances are, you will see one of these playing the last week of october in Ye Olde Meade Manor. Do yourself a favor and at least watch the trailers of you have not see any of these!(click the pictures to go to the IMDB page).

This has to be my favorite. It embodies so much of the Halloween spirit. Cannot say enough good things about this film! A must see!

One of the first films I can recall watching at the drive in with my parents...I was 8....yeah my parents helped twist my mind a bit.Timeless, scary, and a hint of truth!

This is a film that gave me nightmares. The thing in the car at the bottom of the lake...nuff said!

Timeless. One of the best. Another "embodiment" of Halloween.

Not really scary at all but so much Halloween fun, you can't miss this!

This film had such a profound effect on me, I had a deluxe costume made...and now it is part of my 7 foot prop I have sitting in my basement. 

The great Pumpkinrot did props on this one. If that is not enough reason to see it, I am not sure what is!

One of the few remakes I think is actually great! See it for a good scare!

How can you not love this classic? Patient Zero of all the zombie films!

This film really gave me the heebie jeebies when I was younger. The old witch woman (whom I often talk like for some reason) and the sound of the locust when he appears... great movie!

Hands down the scariest vampire in a movie. This is another film my parents let me watch when I was younger.....If I had a dollar for every nightmare it game I would have a lot of dollars!

Classic, well done, A+ cinematography and imagery. 

Just watched this one. It is a "found" footage film. Pretty freaky!

Just plain damn disturbing. Great film most have not seen. Want a chill? watch this!