Monday, May 14, 2012

Shockingly Sinister Shorts #20

*A married couple was having a huge fight in front of their 16 year old son. The fight was centered around Mother’s Day. They had argued for weeks about how they would handle the event, but it was now the day before the holiday and things were getting very heated. The wife’s mother had passed away a few years ago and she wanted to drive two hours to visit the grave first. The husband wanted to go visit his still living mother first, who just happened to live 2 hours in the opposite direction. They both made valid arguments but it still lead to an all out fight with both parties saying horrible things to one another. After a solid hour of fighting, the couple agreed to disagree and they would both go their separate ways in the morning. The husband would spend the day with his mother and the wife would drive out and pay her respects at the cemetery. They left it up their son to decide whom he would choose to go with. The husband headed off to sleep on the couch as the wife stormed off upstairs. The next morning, the family meets in the kitchen.*

Son: Before anybody has a chance to start arguing again, I wanted to say I am not happy at all the way you acted. I really don’t appreciate you both putting me in the middle and making me choose who I want to visit today. I loved both my grandparents, and I want to show my respect and love for them both.

Husband: You’re right. We acted horrible.

Wife: I’m sorry we did that.

Son: You both are always telling me to find common ground in an argument and seek out a compromise rather than be a child and walk away mad. You both should practice what you preach. 

Wife: You are so right dear. I feel awful about how we acted.

Son: We are a family and we should do everything as a family. Since neither of you seem capable of being the adult here and coming up with a compromise that would be fair to us all, I took matters into my own hands and found a solution. 

Husband: Oh you did? What did you come up with son?

Son: It took most of the night, but I think my decision is fair for all. Now we can visit both of your mothers together at the same time.

Wife: What are you talking about? How is that possible?

Son: I brought both my grandmothers together. Dad, your mom is with her mom now.

Husband: WHAT! Oh my Lord! What have you done? Are you insane? You buried my mother?

Son: Please dad! That is absolutely crazy! I would never harm a hair on grandma's head! Last night I drove out and got grandma and brought her back here. She is waiting for us out in the garage as we speak.

Wife: That is a bit odd honey, but how does that bring us to a common ground compromise. We still have to drive for 2 hours to visit my mother’s grave.

Son: Nope! I went and got her too! I told you they were together…..

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day! Time for some Monster Moms!

   I wanted to wish all the mothers out there a very Happy Mother's Day. Especially my very own wicKED mom, to whom I owe everything. Thanks for taking care of me and raising me up to be the twisted, dark, Halloween loving creature I am today.

In honor of Mother's Day, I thought I would do a picture post about all the monstrous mothers, mother-in-laws, and step-mothers out there. Hope all you mothers enjoy!

Possessed mother from "The Devil Inside"

Creepy mom from "Sleepwalkers"

Crazy political mom.

Damien's mother from "The Omen" 

Wicked Stepmother from "Once Upon a Time"

T-rex mom.

Mothra mother.
Mother from "The Exorcist" 

Mother Lovers

Blade's mother.

The babies momma "Rosemary's Baby"

Mother of all vampires from "Queen of the Damned"

"The Amityville Horror" original horror mother.

Grendel's mother from "Beowulf"

Echidna, the mother of all monsters from Greek Mythology

Zombie Apocalypse mother. "The Walking Dead"

Man Eating Mother 

"Poltergeist" mom swimming with a new friend.

"My Moms a Werewolf"

Mother of Jason Voorhees

Mother of Freddy Krueger

Reanimated mother from "Pet Sematary "

Ghost Mother

"The Ring"

Abby Borden. Step-mother of Lizzie Borden. 

Crazy next door neighbor mother "American Horror Story"

Norman Bates as his mother "Psycho"

Dog fighting mother from "Cujo"

Mutant mother Mystique "Xmen"

Eve, the mother of all monsters."Supernatural"

I'm not your mother... yet! "Fatal Attraction" 


Mrs Henderson from, "Harry and the Hendersons"

Lilly Munster "The Munsters"


Monstrous Mutant Alien Monster Baby Maker.

Ghostly mother "The Others"

Carrie's mother "Carrie" 

Norman Bates's actual mother "Psycho"

Sam and Dean Winchester's mother. "Supernatural"

Samantha and Endora, witchy mothers. "Bewitched"

Heeeeere's a mother! "The Shinning"

Me say Mom! Me say Mom o' "Beetlejuice"

The mother of John Connor "Terminator" 

Mother of Leather Face... or is it a mother with a leather face... hmmm

Creepy dead ghost mother "The Grudge"

The Alien Queen

Morticia Adams "The Adam's Family" 

Cinderella's evil step-mother.