Thursday, April 12, 2012

Shockingly Sinister Shorts #6

*A newly engaged couple has traveled for days to arrive at his childhood home to meet his parents. He went ahead to prepare his family for her visit and has called his betrothed at the hotel. Giving her directions, he tells her to catch a cab and come on over. She arrives at a quite little house that seems almost run down in the darkness of night. Knocking on the door, she is met by the voice of her fiancee telling her to enter.*

Newly engaged woman: Hello? Is anybody there? It sure is dark. Did the power go out?

Man covered in mud: Hello honey, Sorry about the power. I have candles lit.

Newly engaged woman: Oh my goodness! You are covered in dirt! Is everything ok?

Man covered in mud: Yes everything is fine. I was just working on getting everything ready with my parents. I must tell you there has been an accident.

Newly engaged woman: Oh no! What kind of accident? Is everyone ok.

Man covered in mud: It was a terrible car crash I fear, but don’t worry, the accident was over 10 years ago. I just had to go to the cemetery where my parents were buried and dig them up to meet you. They are down in the basement. They smell pretty horrible compared to the last time I went and got them, but they are much more talkative. I can’t wait for you to meet them though!


  1. These shorts are great so far. The twists are always entertaining (in a good way!). Hope you'll post more :)

    1. Thanks. I am glad you like them. I have a good deal more. Sometimes the spring into full stories, but I like the quick shock value myself.


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