Saturday, April 28, 2012

The mystery of the vanishing water.

   We set the garden fountain out about a month ago and I have not been able to keep water in it. I have taken it apart twice. Sealed the basins. Checked all the tubing and connections. I have even stuffed pieces of toilet paper in suspected leak spots to see if it was leaking/pumping out. I just could not solve the mystery of where the water was going so fast. 
    This evening, the mystery was solved. It was not ghost, nor goblin, or even haint. It was just your friendly neighborhood Pumpkin cat.

Apparently the water tastes best right from the spout.


  1. that's adorable.

    my fountain is much smaller than that. thought that would amuse you.

  2. Great looking fountain, hope the birds don't get bushwhacked by Mr. Pumpkin Cat! Our three spoiled feline brats will only drink water from their bowls if ice cubes have been added...gawd!

  3. What a wonderful photo! :0) Too cute!


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