Thursday, June 7, 2012

RIP Ray Bradbury.

   Famous author, Ray Bradbury, has passed. While he was famous for a multitude of excellent works of literature and media, the one that stands out to me is "The Halloween Tree". Ray was able to inspire a nation of Halloween lovers and has been reciprocated with dedications to that great Halloween work for years. Ray's vision and understanding of us Autumn people has fueled my imagination for years. I even adopted the name of my blog from the movie, "Something Wicked This Way Comes". Thank you Ray for making my childhood all the brighter with your tall tales, glowing Jack-o-lanterns, and your inspiration in that one book I will never forget.


  1. Absolutely beautiful tribute KED!

    Well done Mr Bradbury

  2. I used to love the old Ray Bradbury Theatre series on tv. Great tribute post.


  3. Thank you for your Ray Bradbury tribute! Happy Halloween!- John Randall York


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