Thursday, October 27, 2016

Black-Light Ballroom,Bar, and Billiards. The Basement Level of Meade Manor {Countdown to Halloween Day 27}

I am worn out! We hit Walmart today to get supplies (two full buggies) for the weekend, including M's weight in Halloween candy (I kid you not). Since our annual Halloween party is this Saturday, I figured I would tailor the post more to highlight the basement level of Meade Manor which we affectionately referred to as the Black-light Ballroom, Bar and Billiards. We change the entire basement lighting out to black light. There is a raised dancing/game room complete with every kind of laser and disco light there is. We even have a mirror ball (Skull shaped of course!) . The pool table has been retrofitted to be UV reactive and our bar area is all UV reactive too. Here are some interesting shots of a some of the basement area thus far. Be warned, this is the area in the house we allow whimsy and ....*gasp* Glitter! Enjoy!

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