Friday, January 10, 2014

Creepy Birthday Gift Roundup!

A quick list of ghoulish gifts I received on my Beastly Birthday!

Nothing says ,"I love you", like a zombie groundbreaker. Thanks M!

My best friends on earth got me a super cool skull ...skull cap! Just in time for the Sub Zero weather!

M got me some skull Drawers! 

Best friends come up with skull socks... and these are work friendly!

M got me a mono pod....perfect for steadying my shots for next years haunted house runs.

I can blow my nose in style!

Not really creepy,'s creepy! A new thing my friends do....we try to get the most awful cd's for presents....

A new hatchet....beware neighbors!

M got me a great USB plasma sphere! It will inspire me to new levels of creepiness as I blog on the computer!
I have a huge one to match it, this one is tiny and great for my office desk.

What would a birthday be without mention of the ever looming death! Thanks M!


  1. Oh you have been spoilt!
    I love all your gifts (minus the CD of course)
    I hope you had a wicKED day :)

  2. Fun gifts!

    That plasma sphere is great! I bet my hubby would like one - forget it - I want one! The reaper is really cool, too.

  3. Awesome additions! Can't wait for next Halloween already! You got spoiled

  4. Well, you certainly made out like a bandit!

    Black Oak Arkansas?! Can't believe I've never heard of the band that created such classics as, 'When Electricity Came to Arkansas'. ;D


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