Thursday, November 1, 2018

Halloween Night 2018

We went through over 120 gallons of Candy, Thousands of Trick or Treaters... we even had The Haunted Forest Crew show up and help out! It was a night to remember!

Meade Manor gave out over 120 gallons of candy

My dear old Wicked Mother handed out most of it

We had The Haunted Forest Crew help out including the crown favorite 7 foot tall werewolf!

We were literally street deep both way for over 2 hours!

We were so tired it was scary!

Hope everybody had a WICKED Halloween!


  1. Wow - I can't imagine having that many people come by for trick or treat! Happy (after) Halloween!

  2. Amazing - you guys are gonna have to take a reverse mortgage just to afford the candy! You must be gaining a reputation for the go to house on Halloween!


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